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Michelle McLaughlin & Glen Gabriel – en review som väntade på oss här hemma! :D

augusti 2, 2011

”Oh, how I adore the Bonus Track, a second outing for ”So Long, Mr. Selfish”, but this time orchestrated and with not a piano in sight. It is orchestrated by Glen Gabriel (take a bow, young man) and captures all the anger of the earlier incarnation, but even more so- especially with the addition of the choir at the end, bringing the main section to a dramatic conclusion before the piece concludes on an achingly beautiful but very sombre note as the awful reality has set in. A dilemma for me was whether or not to mention this, but I shall go for it! Having listened to this CD dozens of times in the car in preparation for reviewing this album, a strange thing occurred. I found myself adding vocals to the chorus: two words of three syllables each time, followed by four words of seven syllables. What these words are, I have to keep to myself, but let’s just say I hope that none of the passing motorists travelling in the other direction were lip-readers…
I cannot praise this CD highly enough. It is simply wonderful, and I love it from beginning to end. It is somewhat ironic that in a time of great crisis, Michele McLaughlin has been stirred into creating what is undoubtedly her finest CD to date. I give it my highest recommendation, and I am sure that many listeners will be able to empathise with the whirlwind of emotions experienced by the composer. It might even help them through the healing process. I find myself connecting to the music at a level rarely experienced by me before.

In all respects, a CD of the highest quality. Don’t miss out on this very special album.”

Här har ni den fullständiga artikeln om ni vill läsa:

Här har ni länken till låten de skriver om, om ni vill lyssna:

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